February, the shortest month, turned out to be a whirlwind of activity for me. Balancing equity fellowship commitments, model teaching, and Black History Month celebrations in the realm of computer science and it was all AH-MAZE-ING! Let me try to condense it all into this recap. But first…pictures!

My Time with Students

As a district instructional technology facilitator, my role involves supporting teachers in integrating technology with confidence. While I enjoy this position, the downside is the lack of daily interaction with students. As many of us educators can attest, when going to work isn’t necessarily at the top of our list on a given day, thinking about the students gives us the motivation to not call in sick. And for anyone who knows me, engaging with students is in the top two of the reasons why I am an educator (spoiler alert: it is not #2). To bridge this gap, I’ve engaged in classroom takeovers, and this week I have been able to bounce between 4th and 12th-grade classrooms. The energy, creativity, and innovation of our students are truly inspiring. It’s a refreshing experience that fuels my passion for education and also allows me to have a few deep heart-filling laughs, because kids are hilarious.

EF Project Work

As part of the CSTA Equity Fellowship, we create projects that support regional learning environments and the broader CSTA community. This year, my cohort will produce 6 individual projects that we will share with the community and exclusively at the upcoming CSTA national conference this summer. My group’s focus is on aiding district and state leaders in navigating the development of sustainable computer science programs. With the increasing spotlight on the importance of CS education to feed the tech pipeline, especially with states making coursework a requirement, we recognize the challenges schools and districts face. CS educators are celebrating the boost to our content, yet leaders are challenged with juggling how to ensure CS programming meets the needs of their students while not dropping the ball on other accountability measures. Our project aims to provide leaders with a structured process, reducing overwhelm and ensuring the sustainability of CS education practices.

I Wrote a Thing – Check Me Out!

Equity Fellows also contribute to CSTA Voice and this month, my article hit the weberverse! My article on celebrating Black History Month in computer science classrooms (without being cringey) is now live. It’s not just about MLK and Rosa Parks; there are inventors, engineers, and CS heroes deserving of the spotlight. The article includes engaging activities that extend beyond February. [Read Fostering An Enjoyable Black History Learning Experience in your CS Classroom]

Additionally, my fellow EF cohort member, Allen Antoine, wrote an article on why students, especially Black students, should learn about AI models. Given the surge in AI interest, it’s a must-read: [Read BlackGPT: Five Reasons that Black Students Should Learn About and Use Artificial Intelligence Models]

CSTA… You Need to Join

This month’s recap might sound like an advertisement for the Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA), and I’m perfectly fine with that. CSTA, built and run by CS teachers for CS teachers, is committed to equitable practices, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the CS classroom. Whether you’re looking for professional development or community, CSTA is the place to be. With chapters in each state, there’s a wealth of resources and communities tailored to different teaching approaches. Plus, there’s a free membership option (although I highly recommend the $50 CSTA+ membership). I have been making great strides professionally this year, and CSTA has played a major role in that. Also, being a member means you can see me present live at the CSTA Equity in Action Summit!

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