Hello, 2023!

January was a great kickoff to the new year as I was able to end 2022 with long-overdue celebrations and rest, ready to slide into the new year with promise and high expectations about what’s to come. Outside of returning to work where I was excited to get back in classrooms and support my district’s educators, I also was able to build more opportunities for educators to support the broadening of participation in CS for all students. 

January Adventures

At the top of the month, I joined the other CSTA 2023 Conference Committee members to determine the final programming for this summer’s conference. The conference will be virtual which provides a great opportunity for content and PD experiences to be shared with more educators than what an in-person conference permits. Spoiler Alert: The conference is going to be amazing and I’m excited to pop up in the program a few times.

Notable in Portland 

While I am notoriously terrible about taking photos, I did catch some amazing artwork at the airport. Jo Hamilton is a crochet artist (no idea this medium existed, but I am glad I do now!) and as a former novice crochet-er, awe does not begin to describe my response to the amazing things she has created.

January also allowed me to link up with some of my favorite people: my CSTA Equity Fellow Cohort! Our 2nd in-person convening was in San Diego, CA. Over the super-short weekend, we were able to hear from EF alums and work on the projects that we’ll present during CSTA 2023. 

Notable in San Diego

Unbeknownst to me, San Diego is a location for cruise departures (and arrivals). We had the opportunity to see a few ships dock and set sail. I knew the cruise ships are big, but when you see one up close…it gives “big” an entirely new definition. Watching the ships dock and reset only to depart again in hours screams efficiency at a level I was not expecting. Sidenote: don’t take lightly the arrival time for your cruise. They will leave you. We saw a few frustrated and disappointed families staring at an empty docking station. 

A thought to make you go “hmm”

“When you invite my face to a space, my voice comes with it.” – Charity Freeman

Charity is a phenomenal educator and Equity Fellow Alum who has a gift for saying impactful things succinctly and with grace. Has anyone else got a “seat” at the table only to realize you were invited for your demographic rather than your perspective? *insert sideeye* 

It looks like January has done me well…2023 shan’t disappoint.